What is the meaning of a runtime license?

Runtime license is a license required for installation of your application developed with ANSI & ISO Mobile SDK on each device. For more information about Developer's license (also called SDK license) and Runtime license, please consult SDKs Support and FAQs.

Do the runtime licenses expire?

No, installed licenses will never expire.

Is it possible to run PC or Mobile SDKs on server?

Our PC and Mobile SDKs are designed to run on standalone computers (Desktop and Laptop Computers, etc.) and devices (Time&Attendance Terminals, Mobile Phones, Tablets, etc.). For server deployments, please have a look at Server SDKs.

What is the license protection mechanism?

For description of license protection mechanisms, please consult SDKs License Protection Support and FAQs.

Where I can get drivers?

You can get drivers for all fingerprint scanners in our offering at http://shop.innovatrics.com/pages/downloads
Do you offer logon software?

No, unfortunately we don’t provide/sell logon software.
Where I can get support for purchased fingerprint scanners?

We are covering first level support for all hardware products that we offer. Please feel free to submit your support ticket at http://support.innovatrics.com/ or contact us at support@innovatrics.com
Are there any applications available together with fingerprint scanners?

We provide drivers for all fingerprint scanners. You can find them at http://shop.innovatrics.com/pages/downloads

How I can get fingerprint image from scanner?

You will need to use drivers for your OS and Image Acquisition SDK (this comes with drivers).

What is the warranty for you hardware products?

All our hardware products are covered by one year international warranty.

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide,  information about shipping are available at http://shop.innovatrics.com/pages/shipping-options-and-international-shipping