ANSI & ISO Mobile SDK makes integration with Android, iOS, Embedded Linux and Windows Phone based smartphones, tablets or any OEM devices simple and easy. ANSI & ISO Mobile SDK is the ideal solution for developers that need to include extraction and matching of ANSI and ISO fingerprint templates in their application.

Utilizing an easy-to-implement approach, developers can quickly integrate vendor-neutral fingerprint recognition technology that works with any image from fingerprint scanner.

Please note that ANSI & ISO Mobile SDK is designed for client only and it is not suitable for server use.  If you are looking for server extraction and matching, feel free to have a look at ANSI & ISO Server

Developer Licenses

In this package are included:

  • 5x license for development
  • Support for 1 year

Runtime Licenses

Suitable for 1:1 verification with multiple fingerprints per record.

Qty Price per license
10 - 99 €10.00
100 - 499 €9.00
500 - 999 €7.50
1000 - 4999 €4.50
5000 - + €3.70
* It’s required to purchase one Developer Package per company, prior to ordering Runtime Licenses.
** The minimum order quantity for Runtime licenses is 10. In other cases Innovatrics reserves the right not to process the order and return the amount paid back to the Customer.
What is the meaning of a runtime license?

Runtime license is a license required for installation of your application developed with ANSI & ISO Mobile SDK on each device. For more information about Developer's license (also called SDK license) and Runtime license, please consult SDKs Support and FAQs.

Do the runtime licenses expire?

No, installed licenses will never expire.

Is it possible to run ANSI & ISO SDKs on server?

Our ANSI & ISO SDKs are designed to run on standalone computers (Desktop and Laptop Computers, etc.) and devices (Time&Attendance Terminals, Mobile Phones, Tablets, etc.). For server deployments, please have a look at ANSI & ISO Server.

What is the license protection mechanism?

For description of license protection mechanisms, please consult SDKs License Protection Support and FAQs.

Where can I find more information about ANSI & ISO Mobile SDK?

You can find more information about ANSI & ISO Mobile SDK at our website: ANSI & ISO Mobile SDK Overview and Specifications.

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