IDKit PRO Server

IDKit PRO Server is a fingerprint Software Development Kit for 1:1 and 1:N fingerprint matching on a server utilizing Innovatrics’ proprietary fingerprint templates.

IDKit PRO Server is an SDK capable of matching up to 500,000 fingerprint records. Offering quick and easy integration in your application, IDKit offers a low TCO and high ROI. IDKit PRO Server SDK works with all fingerprint scanners that can provide a raw image.

Developer Licenses

IDKit PRO Server - Development License (includes first year support) €950
Next Year Support (per license) €490

Runtime Licenses

Nubmer of records Price per license
50,000 €8,900
100,000 €15,900
200,000 €27,900
500,000 €37,900

Runtime Maintenance & Support

Standard Support - Annual fee 10% of license price
Premium Support - Annual fee 20% of license price


* It’s required to purchase one Development License per company, prior to ordering Runtime Licenses.


Please fill in the following form, our sales team will contact you shortly with the pro forma invoice. As the price exceeds credit card and PayPal payment limits, it is only possible to pay via wire transfer based on the pro forma invoice.


What is the meaning of a runtime license?

Runtime license is a license required for installation of your application developed with IDKit PRO Server. For more information about Developer's license (also called SDK license) and Runtime license, please consult SDKs Support and FAQs.

Do the runtime licenses expire?

No, installed licenses will never expire.

What is the license protection mechanism?

For description of license protection mechanisms, please consult SDKs License Protection Support and FAQs.

Where can I find more information about IDKit PRO Server?

You can find more information about IDKit PRO Server at our website: IDKit SDK Overview and Specifications.

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