Fingerprint Segmentation SDK PC Support


Fingerprint Segmentation SDK PC Support

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Fingerprint Segmentation SDK PC Support

All Innovatrics Fingerprint SDK Development Packages by default contain technical support for the 1st year of usage (12 months from the purchase of the Development package).

After this period of time, it is necessary to re-new the support plan once per year. By purchasing SDK Support, we will make sure that any technical difficulties which may occur during development or usage of our SDKs shall be resolved with our assistance and that you will be provided with the latest versions of our SDKs.

Innovatrics SDK Support package includes:

Service period of the package

1 year

Availability of the support team

8 x 5 (Monday to Friday)

Method of access

Web (Support portal)

Response method

Email / Support portal

Bug fixes


Product upgrades


Target response time

3 Business Days

Access to Knowledge Base


Please note that in case of a purchase of multiple SDK products, each Development Package includes a separate Support Plan.