IB Sherlock

Fingerprint scanner

IB Sherlock

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IB Sherlock Dual Fingerprint Scanner

Sherlock utilizes Integrated Biometrics patented LES film with a thin film transistor (TFT) providing the highest forensic quality roll image in the smallest and lightest form factor available on the market today. Sherlock is highly efficient and provides a 95% reduction in size and weight when compared to optical scanners.


Lightweight: designed to have minimal impact on the overall weight or structure of biometric devices

Compact: designed to easily integrate into multiple applications, allowing biometric devices to be smaller and more mobile

Durable: impact resistant and able to withstand the toughest conditions with minimal maintenance or damage due to scratching or breakdown from contaminates

Accurate: provides accurate high-resolution fingerprint scans in virtually any environment: indirect or direct sunlight, a factory, with dirty or clean fingers

Secure: live finger detection

Efficient: LES fingerprint sensor is not easily confused by foreign matter and contaminants, allowing the sensor surface and the biometric access control solution to be essentially maintenance-free. Requires no cleaning for latent prints.

Technical specification:

Technology: LES / TFT (light emitting sensor)
Scan Size: FAP 45,  41 mm x 38 mm
Resolution: 500dpi
Certifications: FBI appendix F, FAP45,
Two-finger flats & rolls, PIV
Package size: 65.4 mm x 61.6 mm x 14.3 mm
OS: Windows 7, 8, Android, Linux