Suprema BioMini Combo

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Suprema BioMini Combo

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Suprema BioMini Combo - Contact/Contactless Smart Card Reader with USB Fingerprint Scanner

BioMini Combo has specially been designed to provide a high level dual-authentication security solution for PC based identity access management solutions. Housing with contact and contactless smart card reader, BioMini Combo provides the latest 500dpi slim optical sensor, which boasts a large platen size for easy and reliable fingerprints capturing as well as Suprema’s advanced LFD (Live Finger Detection) technology.

BioMini Combo maintains the highest standards and has both FBI-PIV and mobile ID FAP20 certifications which enable users to capture any types of fingerprints even under direct sunlight environment.


  • FBI PIV/FIPS 201 and FBI Mobile ID FAP20 certificates
  • Advanced Live Finger Detection (LFD) Technology
  • USB 2.0 High speed interface
  • Supports multiple device handling
  • Automatic finger placement detection
  • Ergonomic indication LED
  • 500 dpi optical fingerprint sensor
  • Large Platen Size : 0.71” X 1.0”(18.0mm x 25.4mm) (FAP20 standard: 0.6” x 0.8”)
  • Compliant with ISO 7816 Contact Smartcard and EMV 2000 version 4.1
  • Transmission rate : 2 Kbps to 500 kbps
  • Supports 5V (55mA), 3V (50mA), 1.8V (20mA) SmartCard
  • Supports SAM Slot (Optional)
  • Supports MS Windows / Linux
  • Supports multiple programming languages: VC++, VB, C#, VB.NET, Java
  • Multi-threaded code design fully utilizing multi-core CPU power
  • Works under direct sunlight

Technical specification:

Fingerprint Sensor: Optical
Resolution: 500 dpi / 256 gray
Platen Size: 18.0mm x 25.4mm (0.71” X 1.0”)
Sensing Area : 17.0mm x 25.0mm (0.67” x 0.99”)
Image Size: 320 x 480 pixels
Interface: USB 2.0 High Speed
O/S: Windows/ Linux
Operating Temp.: -10 ~ 50°C
Contact Smart Card Reader: ISO 7816 Class A/B/C (5V, 3.0V, 1.8V) T=0, T=1 EMV2000 contact smart card with SAM Slot(optional, max 2x SAM)
Contactless Smart Card Reader: ISO/IEC 14443 A&B, Mifare, Felica, NFC Forum tag types (Jewel, Mifare Ultralight, Felica, Felica lite, Mifare, DesFire), EMV2000 Contactless Smart Card, Frequency 13.56MHz +/- 7KHz, Distance transaction: Up to 10cm, Baud: 106/212/424/848 kbit/s
Size ( W x L x H ): 95.7 mm x 114.8 mm x 52.6 mm